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uGATE® - Universal Gateway to Telecommunications Equipment

Interoperable Communications for First Responders

First responders to major incidents can now communicate with one another while using their own communications equipment. The uGATE® line of low-cost, high-tech communications interoperability equipment, originally developed for the US military, permits first responders' radios and other communications devices to interoperate.

In the event of a civil disaster, many organizations are called to the area to assist the citizens, help maintain order, and rebuild as necessary. These first-responders include the National Guard, various police and public safety organizations, federal and state agencies, as well as humanitarian organizations. Each has its own means of communications but, until now, have been unable to easily communicate with other first responder organizations. Effective command and control of the incident or disaster requires all first responder agencies to readily communicate with one another.

Advatech Pacific, Inc. has developed two compact, low-cost communications gateway units that provide the necessary link that enables all these communications means to interact with one another. Through these gateways, the National Guard can communicate with the police and public safety agencies, the state and federal agencies can efficiently send directions and instructions to all supporting elements and receive timely reports from the responding individuals in the field regardless of where they are located in the nation or the world. The system carries the Advatech Pacific name of Universal Gateway to Telecommunications Equipment® (uGATE®).

Operations Concept:

Rapid interconnectivity is often critical and the uGATE® equipment is designed so that it can be used from the first minutes of a response to an event. Advatech Pacific's uGATE® equipments are designed to establish a "five minute command post" for the initial responders and to gracefully expand communications capabilities as the infrastructure recovers. There are two versions of the uGATE® that are particularly suited to this application: the uGATE-C Plus® and the uGATE-J3®.