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Advatech Pacific's Electronic and Communication Division offers the following product lines:
Mission success in today’s battle space is dependent on the timely sharing of actionable information between commanders and warfighters on the front line. Even though recent enhancements to tactical communications allow the extension of the network to individual soldiers at the tactical edge, differences in security classification between network layers inhibit sharing of this mission critical information. A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) acts as a guard between security levels preventing classified data spillage or cyber attacks on the classified portions of the network.

Advatech Pacific’s Tactical Cross-Domain Solution (TACDS™) meets the unique needs of warfighters on the Tactical Edge, enabling the automated exchange of tactical information between security domains. TACDS™ provides a low cost, small Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), rugged, tamper-resistant unit that is ideal for tactical edge applications. It is offered in vehicle mounted or dismounted configurations.

TACDS™ is a certified CDS and is on the UCDMO Baseline List of Validated Solutions. TACDS™ works by executing programmable rule sets that filter information (messages) bi-directionally, allowing individual messages or data fields within them to be selectively passed, blocked, or changed. This method ensures data security on both networks and automates the need for time consuming “man in the middle” screening of message exchanges.

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