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Thermal Analysis

Advatech performs transient and steady-state thermal analysis using a variety of industry-standard software tools. Our engineers have analyzed thermal environments on turbine blades and housings, satellites, rockets, and all types of temperature-sensitive electronics. Combining thermal analysis with CFD, our engineers have helped optimize customer circuit card layouts, electronic enclosure assemblies, heatsinks, and forced-air cooling systems.

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Thermal Analysis Capabilities

  • Transient and Steady State

  • Material Response

    • Ablation​

    • Pyrolysis

  • Heat Transfer with Fluid Flow​

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Project Experience

  • Turbine Engines

    • Blades​

    • Combustors

    • Rotors

  • Electronics​

    • Circuit Boards​

    • Enclosures

    • Fan Sizing

    • Heatsinks

  • Satellites and Space Vehicles​

  • Rockets and Missiles

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